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3. Campaign for the Collection of Debts Owed to the Jewish Agency

WHEREAS in November 2005 the Board of Governors adopted a resolution for a campaign for early repayment of debts of settlements and settlers to the Jewish Agency (hereinafter: "the 2005 resolution");


AND WHEREAS to accommodate the results of negotiations with the Kibbutz Movement for a comprehensive debt repayment arrangement the 2005 resolution requires amending;




To authorize the Finance Department of the Jewish Agency to act as follows:


1. For the purpose of reaching comprehensive sectoral debt repayment arrangements, to grant discounts to settlements within the framework of such arrangements, at rates exceeding those determined in the 2005 resolution. The considerations for the purposes thereof, shall be the number of settlements participating in the arrangement and the size of the debts.


2. In the event that a settlement fully repays its debt to the Jewish Agency within the framework of a comprehensive sectoral debt repayment arrangement:


a) to confirm that the Jewish Agency has no objection to the signing of a bi-lateral contract between the settlement and the Israel Lands Administration as of the date of full repayment of debt within the comprehensive arrangement, with the proviso that this shall not constitute a waiver of any claim or demand of the Jewish Agency vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration, nor vis-à-vis the settlement with respect to the period prior to full debt repayment in matters connected to expropriation, changes in land rights and rezoning.


b) notwithstanding section 6 of the 2005 resolution, to determine that the repayment of the entire debt within the said arrangement shall be considered as retiring the standing loans (75%).


The remaining provisions of the 2005 resolution shall continue to apply to the Jewish Agency debt repayment campaign.

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