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3. Resolution of the Aliyah & Klitah Committee

WHEREAS         the Aliyah and Klitah Committee has consistently set a high priority for  Olim Associations.


WHEREAS         the activities of the Olim Associations, involving almost 20,000 

volunteers in mobilizing Israeli society, developing the next generation and fostering volunteerism in Israeli society are consistent with the JAFI  strategic plan.


WHEREAS         the continual repeated reductions of over $1.2 million since last June along with the new untested funding criteria has led to a crisis for the Associations


WHEREAS         the value added and necessary work of the Olim Associations is

                        recognized as a necessary component for successful absorption


AND WHEREAS             the Aliyah and Klitah Committee has repeatedly requested that the budget be restored



The budget of the Olim Associations be restored to the level of $1.2 million

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