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2. Youth Futures

Whereas Youth Futures was born out of JAFI's strategic plan with the aim to provide opportunities for the Jewish people from around the world to work with Israelis in making positive change in Israeli society;


And whereas Youth Futures focuses on the younger generation in Israeli society, the priority target population defined in JAFI"s strategic plan;


And whereas Youth Futures, after two successful years of implementation has advanced children-at-risk in 23 municipalities through its holistic approach and quality team of trustees;


And whereas the Jewish Agency is committed to the scheduled expansion of the Youth Futures program to 52 locations in Israel's peripheral region, plus a 53rd location – Jerusalem.


And whereas for every dollar invested in Youth Futures from the Israel Department's core budget, two additional dollars are raised from overseas donors and Israeli philanthropists.


Therefore, be it resolved that a continuously increased core budget for Youth Futures be allocated in the future in order to enable the planned and approved expansion of the program.

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