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2. Rise in anti-Semitism and Hezbollah terror

Whereas           Recently the world has witnessed a rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the globe, including physical attacks which threaten the safety of Jewish communities and individuals; and


Whereas           Radical Islamist terror threatens Jewish communities around the world;


Whereas           The Jewish Agency for Israel has been working with Jewish communities in coordination with the Government of Israel to improve security measures within those communities; and


Whereas           The investigation conducted by the Bulgarian government into the devastating terror attack against Israeli citizens in Burgas concluded that Hezbollah was responsible for the attack;





The Jewish Agency for Israel hails the decision of the Bulgarian government to call for the European Union to take "collective measures" against Hezbollah as a terror organization.


Out of concern, for the safety of Jewish communities and of Jews in the state of Israel, The Jewish Agency calls upon the European Union and all the countries of the free world to declare the true nature of Hezbollah as a terror organization.


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