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Board of Governors
Chair of the Board
Chair of the Executive
Governing Bodies
Governance Structure
Jewish Agency Executive
Members of the BOG
Associate Members
Committee Members
Board Committees
Global Representation
Management Structure
Plenary Resolutions
June Meetings
Four Year Schedule
Background on Jewish Agency
Updates and Publications
Press Room
Speakers Bureau
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2. New Committee Structure

Program Committees


·          Israel Engagement Committee*

·          Activism & Partnerships Committee*

·          FSU Committee*

·          Aliyah & Rescue Committee*


Budget & Finance Committees


·          Budget & Finance Committee **

            B&F Subcommittee on Programs*

B&F Subcommittee on Operational and Support Units*

B&F Subcommittee on Allocations


Administrative Committees


·          FRD and Customer Relations Committee*

·          Marketing & Communications Committee

·          Strategy & Planning Committee*  

·          Assets & Liabilities Committee**

Companies Subcommittee  

Real Estate Subcommittee  

IEF Companies Subcommittee  

·          Comptrollers' Committee

·          Audit Committee (Balance Sheet) **

·          Assembly Planning Committee

·          Unity of the Jewish People Committee

·          Task Force on Anti-Semitism

·          Pincus Fund

·          Information Technology Committee

·          Insurance Committee


Executive Committee**




·          Government of Israel / Jewish Agency - WZO Coordinating Committee


* New Committee

** Statutory Committee

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