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2. Resolution Re Adoption of the Halfon Committee Recommendations

Following a discussion held today in the Unity of the Jewish People Committee, in which the decision of the Ministerial Committee on Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora on the issue of the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Examine the Overall Organizational Structure and Pooling of Resources in the Area of Conversion in Israel ("Halfon Committee") was discussed; and


Whereas the Jewish Agency has been working for many years to promote the process of conversion in Israel and considers the issue of conversion as a high national priority; and


Whereas the Jewish Agency has been an active partner in the Halfon Committee and supported the recommendations presented by the committee for the approval of the Government of Israel;  and


Whereas the Ministerial Committee on Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora has approved only part of the recommendations; and


Whereas the Jewish Agency appreciates and identifies with the position of the Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert, as expressed in the meeting of the Ministerial Committee meeting, and his commitment to promoting conversion in Israel;



The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency hereby resolves:


We call upon the Government of Israel to adopt and approve all the recommendations of the Halfon Committee, and especially we emphasize the need to approve the following recommendations: the appointment of volunteer Rabbis for the special courts for conversion; granting independent status as well as necessary authority to the Conversion Administration in the Office of the Prime Minister and recognition of the unique status of the joint Institute for Jewish Studies, that was founded by the Jewish Agency and Government of Israel, which are essential for promoting the goals of conversion in Israel.


The Jewish Agency hereby resolves to establish a Task Force, that will reflect the composition of the Unity of the Jewish People Committee, whose job will be ongoing monitoring of developments in the area of conversion.


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