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Whereas the Declaration of the State of Israel states that Israel will guarantee “freedom of religion [and] conscience”;


And whereas the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), through the work of its Committee for the Unity of the Jewish People, and financial support for the programs of diverse streams of Judaism, supports the availability in Israel of multiple approaches to Jewish religious life, so as to meet the religious expressions of as many Jews as possible;


And whereas the western wall of Har Habayit has for centuries been a holy place of prayer for the Jewish people;


And whereas Jewish women and men, of all streams of Judaism, desire the opportunity to pray at the western wall of Har Habayit in a manner that fulfills their religious expressions, and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and ahavat Yisrael;


THEREFORE the Jewish Agency for Israel, consistent with its solidarity with the commitment of the State of Israel in its Declaration of Independence to guarantee freedom of religion and conscience,


Hereby calls on the Chairman of the Executive of JAFI, consulting with the Committee for the Unity of the Jewish People, and working with the JAFI-Israel Government Coordinating Committee and other appropriate parties, including the Western Wall Heritage Foundation,  to arrive at a satisfactory approach to the issue of prayer at the western wall of Har Habayit.

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