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 (Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

Whereas in the last few years the state of Israel has been attacked in various international forums, accompanied by increased anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish communities; and


Whereas the anti Israel organizations are attempting to differentiate between the policy of Israeli governments and the Jewish communities and to adopt a policy of "divide and rule" between Israel and the communities; and


Whereas the Jewish agency views as one of its priorities the strengthening of the connection between Jewish communities in the Diaspora and the state of Israel;




·          The task force on fighting anti-Semitism will regularly update the Jewish communities abroad with current accurate information in support of Israel.


·          An effort will be made to strengthen the framework of Jewish agency emissaries on campuses where there is a large representation of Jewish students.


·          The Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Zionist Organization together with the Jewish organizations in the communities will coordinate the fight against Anti-Semitism and promote activities in support of Israel.

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