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3. Aliyah of Choice as a Priority

Whereas the State of Israel is the eternal home of the Jewish People, and is central to the well being of Jews the world over, and;

Whereas the Government of Israel in addressing its concern about the need to maintain a Jewish majority in all regions of the country has determined the critical need of attracting and absorbing an additional one million olim over the next ten to fifteen years, and;

Whereas the Jewish Agency by covenant with the Government of Israel has the exclusive responsibility for promoting ALIYAH, and;

Whereas the largest Jewish population for potential ALIYAH presently resides in Western countries

Now therefore be it resolved that the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency reaffirms its historic role in the ingathering of the Jewish people to the State of Israel, and hereby adopts as a priority activity the implementation of aplan to be agreed upon by the Aliyah and Klitah Committee in partnership with the Government of Israel to encourage one million Jews to make aliyah, become citizens of the country and strengthen the Jewish character of the State.

Be it further resolved that central to its efforts, the Jewish Agency will place a special emphasis on aliyah encouragement in countries characterized by aliyah-of-choice, and especially those countries which are home to the largest Jewish populations.

Be it further resolved, that the Jewish Agency enlists the support of its global partners, the World Zionist Organization, the United Jewish Communities and Keren Hayesod, to assist in the success of this vital imperative.


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