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4. Partnership 2000 from Lead Project to Support Strategic Platform

Whereas Partnership is a major goal of JAFI's Strategic Planning Process

And Whereas a resolution supporting Partnership has been passed by the JAFI Assembly

And Whereas JAFI's Partnership 2000 is World Jewry's most significant program for ensuring Israel Diaspora relations

And Whereas in over 10 years of existence Partnership 2000 has grown to 42 plus partnerships encompassing over 80 Israeli municipalities and regional authorities and over 350 Jewish communities abroad

And Whereas Partnership 2000 focuses' World Jewry's attention on priority areas in the Galil, Negev and Jerusalem

And Whereas through the Partnership 2000 Platform over 600 projects take place on a yearly basis that impact the lives of tens of thousands of Israelis and Diaspora Jewry

And Whereas in November 2003 the new Mission and Vision of Partnership 2000 was ratified by JAFI's Israel Committee and by UJC and Keren Hayesod

And Whereas Partnership 2000 is a major strategic asset of the Jewish Agency that can provide a strategic platform and human infrastructure for realization of JAFI's overall strategies in Aliyah and Jewish Zionist Education.

It has been duly resolved that:

The following recommendations of the Israel Committee be acknowledged by the Board of Governors and be referred to the Strategic Planning Committee to be considered in the final framework of the Strategic Plan, and to be referred to the Board in its next meeting:

The Israel Committee calls on the Board of Governors to:

1.Endorse Partnership 2000 as one of  JAFI's main strategies for connecting World Jewry and Israel.
2.We Call on all the Partnerships to engage in one/or two national programs focusing on education for the next generation.
3.To Consider in October to Add Significant Core Budgets to the Israel Department led Partnership 2000 budget in order to enable the Israel Department to implement Strategic Projects in all 42 plus geographic partnerships and develop new projects that cut across all the partnerships.  The focus of these projects will be education.
4.Create new partnerships especially in the non-English speaking Jewish communities, with a focus on Israel's priority areas in the Galil, Negev and Jerusalem

5.Authorize the professional staff of the Israel Department to submit a work plan and budget for achieving the goals stated above for discussion and approval in the October Board of Governors Meeting.
6.Calls on the Israel Department to create a Task Force in Israel of leading public figures to advise on spreading the concept and activities deeper and wider in Israeli society.
7.Calls on Jewish Communities of the World to take steps to widen and strengthen lay  involvement in Partnership 2000.


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