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5. P2P Partnerships to Connect the Next Generation:

Key Link for JAFI Strategic Plan

Whereas the current JAFI strategic plan repeatedly emphasizes a critical need to build a broad range of partnerships that develop and facilitate ventures that connect the next generation with and within Israel, in partnership with world Jewry.

And whereas the People-to-People Center, during three years of developing innovative models of outreach, has successfully enhanced the Jewish and Israeli involvement of thousands of Jews in Israel and abroad, as envisioned, with Israel firmly at the center;

It has been duly resolved that:

The following recommendations of the Israel Committee be acknowledged by the Board of Governors and be referred to the Strategic Planning Committee to be considered in the final framework of the Strategic Plan, and to be referred to the Board in its next meeting:

The Israel Committee calls on the Jewish Agency Board of Governors to:

1.Affirm the People-to-People Center as JAFI's central address for the creation of global affinity-based partnerships, as a tool of outreach for the development of connections with the younger generation in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.
2.To consider in October to add significant core budgets to the P2P Center that will be leveraged to broaden and deepen the growing network of partnership connections, in order to create and incubate multi-year models of partnership, including "start up" ventures aimed at marginally-affiliated populations.
3.Authorize the P2P Center to create a professional advisory committee of leading outreach practitioners and public figures to inform and advance this work of the P2P Center.
4.Support implementation by the P2P staff and lay leadership, in cooperation with other JAFI units, of P2P's ongoing work plan.



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