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2. Jewish Agency Support for the Birthright Israel Program

During its five years of existence, Birthright Israel has successfully promoted engagement with Israel and interest in Aliyah, strengthened the connection of the next generation with the people of Israel and triggered greater involvement in Jewish communal life.

Increased Jewish Agency involvement in Birthright, including policy formation and the development of educational content, the prioritization  of  funds to specific needy communities and the development of a data base of program graduates will further the mission of the Jewish Agency.

The 20,000 annual participants of Birthright Israel are a reservoir and platform for radically expanding formative semester and year programs in Israel, a new major initiative of JAFI and the government of Israel. 

Be it resolved that
Subject to reaching mutually acceptable agreements with each of the funding partners, the Jewish Agency will increase its financial support of the Birthright Israel program from $2.5 million per year to $5 million per year for the next five years, based upon the understanding that 20,000 young people will participate in 2005 and thereafter; that participants will be strongly encouraged to make their $250 deposit a voluntary gift to funding future Birthright programs; that the Jewish Agency's involvement in policy formation increases and that data on program graduates is provided to the Jewish Agency. Of this sum, $2 million is to be allocated for the local one-third portion of funding for participants from needy countries.  


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